9550 Main St · Upper Lake CA · 707-275-2245

Garden Rooms

  • Separate Room Entrances
  • Private Decks Facing the Garden with Outdoor Shower
  • Japanese Teak Soaking Tubs

Upper Garden Rooms

  • Private Verandas
  • Well-appointed Bathrooms
  • Comfy King-sized Beds
  • Desk and Seating Area
  • TV and DVD Player

Lower Garden Ofuru Rooms

  • Private Back Deck
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Teak Japanese “Ofuru” Soaking Tub

Upper Farmhouse

  • Private Stairway Entrance
  • Well-appointed Bathroom with Shower
  • Private Deck
  • View Overlooking Pool & Garden Area


Located behind the garden separating the Hotel and Saloon, the eight Garden rooms offer the privacy of a separate room entrance with the feel of being part of a small village.  The spacious Upper Garden rooms, with decks facing the garden, are our most economical choice.  The Lower Garden rooms feature a private back deck with outdoor shower and Japanese teak Ofuro soaking tub.  The spacious Upper Garden rooms are accessible by stairs only. 

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Upper Garden Rooms

The spacious and economical Upper Garden rooms have verandas facing the garden, well-appointed bathrooms, a comfortable king sized bed, desk and a pleasant sitting area including a TV and DVD player.  Accessible by stairs only.

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Lower Garden "Ofuro" Rooms

The Lower Garden rooms feature all of the above plus a private back deck with lovely plantings, an outdoor shower and a teak Japanese "Ofuro" soaking tub. We keep the water in the tub at a constant temperature of 98 degrees. After a long day of either business or Lake County touring, there's nothing better than a cool shower and a long soak in your private Ofuro tub.  We say that these tubs fit two "in an emergency!"  Capacity: 2 adults ~ no children.

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Upper Farmhouse Room

The Upper Farmhouse Room has a private stairway entrance, a well-appointed bathroom with shower, and a deck (seen here at right) overlooking the pool and garden area. Accessible by stairs only.